Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-On Manicure

I was lucky enough to get Spring VoxBox from Influenster and my absolute favorite product there was Broadway Nails imPRESS press-on manicure. This was first experience with press-on nails and I absolute loved it ♥

I am not big on artificial nails at all, they are usually too long, uncomfortable and  huge pain to apply (especially glue on!). For me such nails usually don't last even couple hours and my already thin natural nails remain damaged for weeks. Besides, all fake nails I've tried don't fit right with my fingers. So my experience with artificial nails wasn't all that great and I didn't know what to expect from imPRESS.

The pattern I got is called Get into it! from Nicole Scherzinger signature series. It's fun Hawaii inspired pattern, maybe a bit too busy. Normally, I would use one nail with such pattern for accent nail but for testing purposes I applied imPRESS on all 10 nails. Then i carefully followed instructions:

Find the correct size for each nail. (If needed use smaller sizes for best result).
It was easy! Honestly, these nails fitted my own just perfectly. They are even shaped similar! As I already said, all other fake nails I've tried were bigger, their edges had nothing to securely attach to (since natural nail is smaller) which caused them to fall off faster.

Cleanse natural nails with enclosed prep pad.
There are 24 nails in the package, enough for at least 2 separate applications and only one prep pad. This shouldn't be a problem though since enclosed prep pad is just a pad soaked in alcohol to degrease surface of nails and make sure they attach properly. 

For best adhesion, firmly apply nails.
Nothing tricky :) I had some troubles peeling off protection layer from some of the nails but overall it was super easy! In fact the sticky sides of one nail got messed up so I also would recommend purchasing clear adhesive tabs, just in case something like this happens.

Here are results! Overall, they do look really nice, not super fake or anything. There is some sort of "thick nail" feel at first but I got used to it real fast. None of imPRESS nails was peeling off but after a week polish slowly started chipping but that's most likely my fault - I love hot showers! I think Broadway Nails imPRESS mani justifies its name :)

imPRESS nails come in variety of shades, both solid and patterned and are about 8 bucks in all major drugstore chains. 

If you are interested in joining Influenster (right now it's invite only), please contact me, I'd be glad to share some invites!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

BED HEAD tigi Straighten Out

I've joined Bzz Agent not so long ago, and my first Bzz campaign happened to be from BED HEAD by TIGI. It's super bright and fun brand that I really liked even before I had chance to try.

I was sent samples of RECHARGE and ELASTICATE shampoo&conditioner and full-size bottle of STRAIGHTEN OUT straightening cream.

Here is what I have to say about shampoo&conditioner samples! They are a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I tried various salon hair care brands but they disappointed me for some reason so I decided to stick with drugstore brands because why pay more if results do not differ? This is whole different story. I fell in love with both RECHARGE and ELASTICATE. First of all, smell.  I hate when shampoo/conditioner smell bad even if it's working, it ruins pretty much everything for me. Both lines have different smells but they are equally pleasant and refreshing. They making taking care of your hair truly enjoyable experience. Second, they work! I felt the difference from the very first use! Hair is left clean, shiny and strengthened! RECHARGE is high octane shine shampoo/conditioner system and ELASTICATE is meant for strengthening your hair. But they both are great! And don't forget about divine smell :) Perfect texture and lathering abilities as well. I know non-lathering shampoos are sort of trendy nowadays but I really can't stand them. I usually end up using way too much because I can't understand if I used enough or not. I am for sure impressed! I actually didn't even want to part out with samples that I was supposed to share with friends but then I decided that they deserve piece of these goodness too. I am absolutely going to purchase full size of ELASTICATE (though RECHARGE is also great, it's just that shine is not my primary concern when it comes to hair).

Now to the STRAIGHTEN OUT. My hair is slightly wavy and sometimes I flat iron them. I have to admit though that I don't do that all that often now when my hair is long. Regardless of whether you like you hair super straight I found STRAIGHTEN OUT to be great choice as it also fights frizz and smoothens hair. For 48 hours!!! I also really like bottle design and it's bright orange colour - it stands out! This straightening cream has gooey texture and just like other BED HEAD products - great smell! I am sure you won't be disappointed.

I really really wanted to upload pictures of my hair showing off results I got using these products but for unknown reasons all pics came up blurry :( I hope to upload some later!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Snidel 2013 Lucky Bag Contents

As promised Snidel 2013 lucky bag contents! This year there were two colour choices - A and B, I bought type A. I am very much obsessed with casual yet elegant and feminine Snidel style (and pretty much with all MashStyleLab fashion creations) so I did a bit of research from what collections did the lucky bag items come from (or most similar to) and will provide the links to the official webstore for better detail pictures.

There were five items in the bag - outer, onepiece, top, bottom and stole. All of the items are exceptional quality, just as expected. The bag itself was large zipped tote made of non-woven material and was the only item that had tag attached.

Outer piece was this amazingly soft faux mouton duffel coat (or duffle coat, seems like both spellings are acceptable) in Black. When I saw the first reveals I thought: "Argh... I don't like this coat a bit" :(  It turned out it's just not that photogenic because in person and when worn it looks really cute, and did I mention how soft it is? This duffel coat is from Snidel 2010 winter collection and type B bags had the same coat in greyish beige (honestly, I'm not too sure how to describe that other colour). I ended up really liking this coat and actually kind of glad that I got black one (though looking at first reveals I thought that lighter coat is much cuter). I just got light beige Cecil McBee duffel coat not so long ago and I would had to choose between them.

Just like my Liz Lisa boston bag, Snidel lucky bag also had peplum cardigan in it!The style is from 2012 fall collection  but neither of lucky bag cardi colours were offered in store.  The one I got (A) was beige, and type B was dark grey. It's a shame peplum doesn't look good on me because this cable knit cardigan is really cute. It seems to be very warm as well. I just sold it on eBay but Liz Lisa peplum is still available! Both cardis are sold :)

One-piece item was angora knit dress (even though I wouldn't call it a dress, more like a long sweater). The style is from 2011 fall collection. I am not too sure about what colour type B bags had, it might be the same as type A (ivory) because that's how it looks at some pictures or maybe it was light pink shade since that's how it looks on other pics. This sweater features slightly puffy 3/4 sleeves and V-neck cut. I absolutely love it! It's so lovely and goes with almost anything. It's nylon/angora blend so it's really warm as well!

Yet another peplum piece in the bag was jacquard peplum skort. It's similar to this 2012 fall collection style with the only difference being that different patterns of the jacquard fabric were used. Type A was in pinkish beige and type B in black. Skort has a zipper and elastic waist, it's a bit short but really adorable!

Finally, the last piece is a gorgeous extra soft and large stole. It was challenging to find the most similar style because well, pretty much all stoles look alike but the details of the lucky bag stole (fringe and edge finish) looks most like this 2011 fall collection stole. Type A bags had the stole in cream and type B had it in greyish blue colour. The stole is really large and as cozy and warm as a blanket. I just got white stole for Christmas and was thinking of selling this one but as soon as I got it out of the package, I just couldn't part with it.

  And last picture is angora sweater - peplum skort coordinate :) I already can't wait for the next year lucky bags! I don't know exactly what brand bags I'll be able to get next year but I'm considering Snidel (of course!), gelato pique, Rojita, minirdees and Liz Lisa. Oh well, but with the shipping they'll  probably gonna cost a fortune :( Really wish Tenso started shipping with regular mail and not only EMS because I don't mind waiting longer if that means paying a lot less!

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Liz Lisa Sweet Ribbon Boston 2013 Lucky Bag Contents

This year for the first time I bought lucky bags! I think I only learnt about their existence last year right when it was too late to buy any :( I absolutely adore Snidel ♥ so that was my first choice. As a second smaller bag I wanted to buy one from gelato pique but I didn't act fast enough and they were all sold out. So, my second choice fell to Liz Lisa sweet ribbon boston. Liz Lisa even though not my favourite but still pretty cute! If ordering lucky bags next year (or this year) online from outside of Japan keep in mind that Tenso shipping is crazy expensive (but lightning fast!). I got the package this morning (01/08), both of the bags were in Tenso warehouse by 01/03 but I was also waiting to consolidate the packages so technically they could have been here even faster. For me shipping cost for two bags - big Snidel and small Liz Lisa - was basically like a price of another big lucky bag :( But, hey, it's probably worth it!

Here are the pictures and little description of the contents of sweet ribbon boston bag (and the bag itself, of course). All the items had tags attached and I tried looking for the individual items on the webstore site using their codes but couldn't find any. I think that what happens to the items from current and past collections that are sold out and not going to be re-stocked again. Or maybe some of the items were lucky bag only, I don't know.

I really liked the bag itself when I saw it online and I actually pictured it smaller for some reason. In fact, it's quite roomy, with beautiful golden details and heart-shaped zipper.

One of the items in the bag was V-neck knit peplum cardigan in off-white. It features adorable rose shaped buttons, really cute! Apparently one of the huge trends of 2012 was peplum (I read it today on wiki while learning about the etymology of the word "peplum" :D ) I had peplum cardi in my Snidel bag as well!  Peplum cardigans look crazy cute but unfortunately they do not flatter my figure at all :(  I'm selling both on eBay and you're welcome to take a look! Both cardis are sold :)

Another item was lace collar shirt (which isn't actually a collar but a collar shaped lace insert) and when I just got it out I thought "Meh..." Then I tried it on and really really liked it! It's simple and modest yet very elegant in its own way. There is also super cute small droplet cutout on the back topped with a little bow.

The one-piece item was plaid V-neck salopette in brown. It's pretty short but luckily not embarrassingly so :)

And here are some coordinates:

Overall, I'm mostly happy with the contents even though the fact that I got two peplum cardis that don't suit me is disappointing :( My next blog entry will be about contents of Snidel lucky bag!

Monday, April 09, 2012


is one of my favourite on-line shops. It features classy and cute vintage inspired clothing and accessories. I can window shop at Ruche literally for hours! Every single item is special.

If you just like anything vintage, pastel or floral, you definitely want to check Ruche out. Ruche Lookbooks are absolutely beautiful - adorable models, perfect photographer, designer and stylist work and stunning clothing, of course!

UNIVERSAL-DOLL recently posted about JugeETTA, gyaru inspired brand that is Liz Lisa-like but a bit more mature. Ruche carries a lot of similar styles at affordable prices. I made some picks based on UD post.

I found Ruche while shopping for booties - I needed something lace up, brownish colour, not flat but not super high heel, within reasonable price range. It was a challenge (×̯×)  There was something wrong with every single pair of booties I was looking at! No heel, heels too high, weird colour, awkward design. I found only two pairs of booties I truly liked. One belonged to this awesome blogger and others were Ruche that I ended up buying.

They are comfortable, classy and very versatile. Interestingly enough my best friend bought very similar pair and this lady happens to have great taste!

Actually, they look a little bit darker than in the pictures. Somehow they seem to turn out to be light coloured in the pictures (even though they were taken without flash). Description on Ruche says "dark taupe" and I guess, it's more accurate.


                Ruche: ✿ Facebook ✿ Pinterest  ✿ Blog   ✿Twitter   ✿Tumblr  ✿

Sunday, February 19, 2012


First of all, I changed blogskin and I hope it looks much better now, doesn't it? I don't even really like green colour but I really lack decent pictures, so colour palette was dictated by picture not by my wish :D Anyway... 

I really like MISSHA brand but I sort of abandoned it for a while (last order I placed was in April'11, I think). So, I decided that the time has come! Another reason to shop there was that MISSHA launched VIP program and I am very eager to get access to things it offers, stuff like special promotions, gifts and so on. 

The Style Under Eye Brightener

Well, I am using it mostly just as concealer and it does a good job on that. Blends in pretty well. Doesn't require much product to apply. Good value. 

Super Aqua Deep Hydro Cream
I've used two other products from Super Aqua line - Detoxifying Peeling Gel and  Moisture Deep Cleansing Cream. The impression was quite unambiguous. Cleansing cream definitely was not the best I used. It moisturises and softens skin BUT really doesn't do proper job on cleansing :( So, it kinda have great additional features but doesn't fulfil it's main function - to clean. Peeling Gel, on the other hand, is absolutely THE BEST. It really is! Description says visible peeling effect and once in a while advertisement doesn't lie :D That's why I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the Deep Hydro Cream. It turned out to be pretty good, though. Deeply moisturising indeed, mild to skin and very softening. 

M Luminous Color Lip Rouge
These two perfectly match each other. I am so glad I bought them! I've lost lipstick that I liked (L'oreal, Ariel) and the one I got instead (Maybelline Forever Metallics Lite, Snow Perle) turned out to be a little bit too sheer for my liking. BE 203 Luminous Colour Lip Rouge, however, is so perfect. It's nude pearly colour - absolutely beautiful! Lipstick also has this subtle flowery smell, not to mention chick golden packaging with rhinestone on top. 

The Style Soft Stay Lip Liner

Lip Liner has two sides: one contains liner itself and the other has the lip brush for lipstick application. I experienced some problems with the lip liner, since the pencil part always getting stuck in the cap and is taken out with it, so I have to be really careful to open it right way. However, it's such a minor defect that I don't really care. 

Pure Source Sheet Mask

Pure Source Sheet Mask (Aloe, Pearl, Green Tea)
There was (still is actually) Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion so I took advantage of it. I chose Pearl and Green Tea masques and got 2 Aloe masques as free gifts. I don't really think there is need to speak about MISSHA face masques. There is a HUGE variety to choose from and everyone loves them anyway! :D

The Style Sharp Eye Liner
(Black) Brush is rather soft, application is quite easy (for experienced hand at least). One thing I don't quite like is that this eyeliner has thin watery texture and in order to get intense opaque line I have to apply at least two layers. Other than that it's pretty good - long lasting, doesn't flake or smudge.

M Show Powder Blusher

I didn't open this yet so have nothing to say about them at the moment. Nevertheless, I believe MISSHA won't disappoint :)

The Style Stars on Nail

★ The Style Stars on Nail (Crystal Nail Polish Set)
MISSHA was giving away Christmas presents and I got coupon for free 'Stars on Nail'. For some reason, I was absolutely sure that it is some kind of sticker sheet for nail art (tiny complimentary gift, you know?) But it turned out to be a set of three sparkly crystal nail polishes - Orange Stone, Blue Stone and Lavender Stone! And it immediately reminded me why else I like MISSHA so much - they are never stingy on gifts and promotions. Know how to feel me valued :) Gorgeous blings-blings :) I would certainly try to do something fancy with my nails one day, now when I have these amazing polishes. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

tofebruary.com review and my first nail art

tofebruary.com is a small on-line store specializing on " Asian inspired fashion, jewelries, accessories, and drama collectibles", I somehow stumbled across it and then read long and detailed review here that convinced me to try this store out :) The only Korean drama I've watched (actually still watching at the moment) is The Musical but the further it goes the less interested I become... However, if you're K-dramas' fan, you might want to check tofebruary out as they have plenty of replicas of accessories and clothes from K-dramas :)

I'd like to point out that website design is super cute ^-^ Tofebruaury.com also has several distinct features that are quite rare. First of all, shipping to US is only $1! One dollar per ORDER! International buyers are not that lucky though :) Second feature is payment options. You can pay as usual with PayPal and credit cards OR well concealed cash at your own risk. They even kindly describe how to conceal the cash properly:

Q: How can I conceal my cash?
Some customers are very creative when concealing their payment. Most customers hide the payment in a card of any kind inside the envelope. Others have decorated the envelope with stickers and cute stamps to make it appear as if it's a friend-to-friend letter. Another frequently used way of concealment is to wrap the payment with a few sheets of paper and/or magazine paper. Whatever you do, be sure to not let the payment be seen through the envelope when it is held up to the light.

I really don't want to think that post workers are stealing money from the envelopes but last time I sent my parents a package they got everything except the belt for my dad. However, there was a bar of some sort of German chocolate in the package that I didn't send. We were quite puzzled because if somebody decided to steal a belt then why would he/she put the chocolate instead? Fair trade or something? There was really nice and expensive pearl necklace for my mom in the same package and I was like why belt? And why chocolate?! Then we came to conclusion that maybe the custom officer/post worker/whoever that was, was checking two packages at the same time and ended up mixing their content :D Well, anyway...
So, I just placed tiny one item order => Bunny Cellphone Charm that turned out to be absolutely adorable!
As you can see, item is exactly as pictured, it's pretty big (exactly size of my phone actually). The dress can be taken off, so it's probably possible to sew alternative dresses for this cutie ^-^ Shipping didn't take long, only 2 days. I also got complimentary bookmark and hand-written "Thank you!" on the invoice :) Sweet! 
    Bunny Cellphone Charm
  • Tofebruary.com Facebook page here
And another thing I wanted to share - my first ever nail art :) Or maybe I should call it attempt for the nail art XD I got I got free Cherry Blossom Bunny Sticker Sheet with my last order from Hip Hop Candy, so I decided to use some stickers as nail decorations. Here's how it turned out:

Cherry Blossom Bunny Inspired Nails ^-^

At first I wanted black to be background colour (because the edging of the stickers is black and I didn't want it to stand out) but then it turned out that stickers are actually not opaque but translucent so I used OPI I'll Take the Cake. It was quite hard to cut out all the stickers neatly because my scissors were too... clumsy for this delicate job XD But I managed to do it! Then I placed bunnies on my thumbs and cherry blossoms on middle fingers, decorated with rhinestones (OMG, that was time consuming) and finished with CND Super Shiney Top Coat. Hope it will last at least three days taking into consideration how much time I've spent doing this. I think, it's not too bad for a first try!