Monday, January 23, 2012 review and my first nail art is a small on-line store specializing on " Asian inspired fashion, jewelries, accessories, and drama collectibles", I somehow stumbled across it and then read long and detailed review here that convinced me to try this store out :) The only Korean drama I've watched (actually still watching at the moment) is The Musical but the further it goes the less interested I become... However, if you're K-dramas' fan, you might want to check tofebruary out as they have plenty of replicas of accessories and clothes from K-dramas :)

I'd like to point out that website design is super cute ^-^ also has several distinct features that are quite rare. First of all, shipping to US is only $1! One dollar per ORDER! International buyers are not that lucky though :) Second feature is payment options. You can pay as usual with PayPal and credit cards OR well concealed cash at your own risk. They even kindly describe how to conceal the cash properly:

Q: How can I conceal my cash?
Some customers are very creative when concealing their payment. Most customers hide the payment in a card of any kind inside the envelope. Others have decorated the envelope with stickers and cute stamps to make it appear as if it's a friend-to-friend letter. Another frequently used way of concealment is to wrap the payment with a few sheets of paper and/or magazine paper. Whatever you do, be sure to not let the payment be seen through the envelope when it is held up to the light.

I really don't want to think that post workers are stealing money from the envelopes but last time I sent my parents a package they got everything except the belt for my dad. However, there was a bar of some sort of German chocolate in the package that I didn't send. We were quite puzzled because if somebody decided to steal a belt then why would he/she put the chocolate instead? Fair trade or something? There was really nice and expensive pearl necklace for my mom in the same package and I was like why belt? And why chocolate?! Then we came to conclusion that maybe the custom officer/post worker/whoever that was, was checking two packages at the same time and ended up mixing their content :D Well, anyway...
So, I just placed tiny one item order => Bunny Cellphone Charm that turned out to be absolutely adorable!
As you can see, item is exactly as pictured, it's pretty big (exactly size of my phone actually). The dress can be taken off, so it's probably possible to sew alternative dresses for this cutie ^-^ Shipping didn't take long, only 2 days. I also got complimentary bookmark and hand-written "Thank you!" on the invoice :) Sweet! 
    Bunny Cellphone Charm
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And another thing I wanted to share - my first ever nail art :) Or maybe I should call it attempt for the nail art XD I got I got free Cherry Blossom Bunny Sticker Sheet with my last order from Hip Hop Candy, so I decided to use some stickers as nail decorations. Here's how it turned out:

Cherry Blossom Bunny Inspired Nails ^-^

At first I wanted black to be background colour (because the edging of the stickers is black and I didn't want it to stand out) but then it turned out that stickers are actually not opaque but translucent so I used OPI I'll Take the Cake. It was quite hard to cut out all the stickers neatly because my scissors were too... clumsy for this delicate job XD But I managed to do it! Then I placed bunnies on my thumbs and cherry blossoms on middle fingers, decorated with rhinestones (OMG, that was time consuming) and finished with CND Super Shiney Top Coat. Hope it will last at least three days taking into consideration how much time I've spent doing this. I think, it's not too bad for a first try!

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